Pen and Ink Illustration of The Abbot of Innisfallen: 18 x 22 in

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This is an illustration of the Augustinian Abbot Cormac, as told in the Abbot of Innisfallen, written by Irish poet William Allingham (1824-1889). The poem tells a story of a holy monk who leaves his monastery to pray near a lake. Enraptured in prayer, “His blissful soul was in Heaven,/tho’ a breathing man was he;/ He was out of time’s Dominion,/ so far as the living may be.” Upon returning to his monastery, the Abbot finds a “wondrous change” has occurred and 200 years have passed since he left the monastery to pray. The border draws from early Irish illuminated manuscripts, the time period from which the Abbot goes to pray. The Abbot looks like a boulder, deep in prayer, lost in time. The plants and landscape are drawn from studies of Innisfallen, Ireland.

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